The post-graduate program “POLICIES AND APPLIED METHODS FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT” is organized autonomously by the Department of Civil Engineers of the University of West Attica. The aim of the program is to introduce contemporary innovative practices for the protection of the environment, opening a new research field on environmental studies. The curriculum of the program is able to enhance the professional skills of its participants, offering new career opportunities. This post-graduate program has been certified by the Ministry of Education in Greece since 2013 and updated in 2018. (Pertinent legislation: ( FEK 2132/Β/28-8-13,  Fek of re-establishment 2018),All courses are offered in Greek spanning in three semesters.

The Program puts emphasis on implementation procedures regarding environmental policies observed in different planning scales (international, regional, national). The Program offers also cutting-edge scientific knowledge keeping its curriculum aligned with the state-of the-art in the sector of environmental planning and design.

Apart from research innovation, the Program provides real-life case studies and exercises so as to help students familiarize with professional standards and demands. Eligible candidates may come from different disciplines, working in different environments relevant to environmental planning and policy making (public and private sector, self-employed et.). Students have the opportunity to cooperate with eminent professors with world-wide scientific recognition and long experience in environmental policy-making (members of EU organizations, national representatives, Faculty members of universities). Students have also the opportunity to continue their research through a PhD in the wide field of environmental planning and design.